Boost revenues for your business in the most organic way possible through one API.

Get the ability to detect what each user wants to buy in real-time. Open a huge window for more In-App Purchases.

Assetario serves two types of Recommendation engines:

Dynamic personalization:

Do you want to understand every user of your app and give them the most suitable offers? Dynamic personalization is exactly what your business needs. Show a unique offer for a particular user in real-time for store personalization.

Our customers see 25% personalized offer spend uplift.

Contextual personalization:

Working with different markets and want to serve them with different offers? Receive a price level for a user on the first session based on metadata and Assetario’s AI.

Our customers get minimum 25% overall LTV uplift with Assetario’s country pricing.

How does Assetario work?

Assetario meta data store

We leverage our large metadata store to understand users from their contextual data such as device type and location for an early start to predictions.

Assetario world class ML Engine

Built by leaders in the field with a strong industry and academic research background.

User In-App Behavior

Core of the prediction is based on the engagement and monetization event data from your app directly, with Assetario models trained specifically on your dataset.

Recommendations pushed to your app

Assetario real-time API can be called to give you the ideal offer for a user based on their most recent actions.

Quick and easy integration through a single API:

No need to create a large development cycle. Simply call our API and receive the recommendation. It works in real-time and your users won’t see any latency.

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Transparent A/B tests to measure performance:

We understand the importance of reliable KPIs to understand the performance of Assetario’s product. Explore performance metrics and reflect your personalization needs. Use a simple and user-friendly interface designed for all your team members. Complimentary for every integrated app.

Make your users love your app even more with Assetario

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Improve UX

Increase Conversion

Increase Retention

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