Predictive LTV

User Lifetime Value Predictive Analytics Tool

Understand the monetization potential of each user from the moment they enter your app. Analyze the user lifetime value to make informed UA decisions and create an unique player journeys.

Why use forecasts for LTV?

  • Learn exactly how much to spend on customer acquisition
  • Find your highest (and lowest) value customers
  • Make data-driven decisions

Assetario delivers a Day 180+ long-term predictive LTV forecasts for every new user as soon as 3 days after their first login

LTV Forecasts are updated every day for best
accuracy as user spends more time in the app.

Included is an LTV breakdown of
IAP-spend and ad-revenue spend.

Every department can gain value from accurate and scalable LTV forecasts

FOR Product team

User Level Forecasts

Once you know the future potential of each user you can act on it to improve a churning user while further encouraging a soon-to-be power user.

FOR marketing team

Campaign Level Forecasts

Leverage the future revenue predictions to iterate on your marketing campaigns by knowing the future. Detect upcoming issues immediately and mitigate the risk, or double down on 5x campaigns in the making.

Code-free connection to a host of common databases or CRMs:

No engineers needed. Your analyst can integrate with us easily.

Google BigQuery

Google BigQuery







If you can’t find your system in the list, please, contact us and we are sure we can handle it for you.

Real-time Predictive Analytics Tool

Complimentary Assetario dashboards show predictions to your team in a clear way. You can make decisions about the campaigns using our simple user-friendly analytics tool. Easily slice and dice any cohort of users and analyze their ROAS impact.

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