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Recommendations for In-App Purchases:

Real-time recommendations for each user individually to generate >30% revenue uplift

Dynamic personalization

Deliver the perfect IAP to each user. Call the Assetario API, show an inventory of available offers, and get the ideal one to show based on the user’s in-app behavior.

Contextual personalization

Using Assetario’s global ‘spending know-how’ you can get the ideal pricing for each country for your app.

Discounting and promotion

Determine a user who would be best served by a discount.

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Prediction of Lifetime Value:

Get a long-term LTV forecast for each user. Using future LTV for each user you can understand your best and worst-performing users and marketing campaigns to make a correction early.

Precise forecast based on 3 days of historical data.

Breakdown by ad revenue and purchase LTV.

Dashboards for aggregate campaign level forecasts.

Unparalleled accuracy with the longest time frames.

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Why choose us

Assetario monitoring dashboards to make the most out of predictive analytics.

Rec-IAP dashboards allow you to transparently monitor A/B tested uplift in customizable user segments.

PLTV dashboards are the marketing manager’s best friend, always have an understanding of the future performance of each campaign for informed decisions.

Easy and Quick integration into your app.

No SDK is necessary due to Assetario’s integrations with major analytics providers. Take a look at our integration and usage documentation.

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