Product Release: Assetario’s Monetization Score
Product Release: Assetario’s Monetization Score

Product Release: Assetario’s Monetization Score

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Maximize your gaming studio's revenue potential with Assetario's revolutionary Monetization Score tool - delivering real-time insights for informed and profitable monetization decisions!

Assetario’s mission is to become the best ML as a Service provider for mobile applications. As such, we are always on the lookout for large value, cost-cutting, and complexity centers that our customers work on internally with their data science teams. Once we identify a significant challenge in this space, we explore ways we can add solutions to our ML platform’s toolbox for our customers.

One challenge is how to understand and bring the value from their customer’s metadata, such as location and device information.

Apps can leverage user's metadata to personalize content and thus increase ARPU. For instance, our contextual pricing product, which automatically adjusts prices daily for each country and device, can drive up to 60% LTV increases, making it an effective ML-driven solution for our clients.

Typically, the simplest way to do this in-house is to reduce your prices in a Tier 3 country versus a Tier 1 country, but as you dive deeper into more detailed segments you soon run into a lot of work such as:

  • Price updates reacting to real-world changes
  • Cataloging and understanding information about all possible locations
  • Cataloging and understanding information about all possible devices
  • Sorting all of the above for your specific app

Assetario is excited to introduce a new powerful tool: Monetization Score

Assetario is thrilled to introduce the Monetization Score, a powerful tool designed to help monetization teams gain valuable insights into the potential monetization of their users. This tool is especially beneficial for developers who want to use segmentation but struggle with processing metadata to accurately determine a user's monetization potential based on their device and location.

The Assetario Monetization Score is incredibly user-friendly. By simply calling our API, you can receive a score between 1-10 that indicates a user's monetization potential in real-time, as soon as they join your app. This score relies solely on Assetario's proprietary metadata, and there is no need for an SDK or historical data. With this powerful tool, you can make informed decisions that drive revenue and ensure the success of your app.

Assetario's Monetization Score

By utilizing these scores, monetization teams like yours can identify a strong monetization strategy early on. And the best part? It’s SDK-free and requires no historical data, meaning you can start immediately.

How to Use the Assetario Monetization Score

Call our API to receive the score, and then consider the following recommendations based on the score:

Score 1-3: Offer a low-cost option or free trial period.

Score 4-6: Offer a medium-cost subscription or free trial period.

Score 7-8: Offer a higher-cost subscription option with more perks or benefits.

Score 9-10: Offer a premium subscription option with even more perks or benefits.

By following these recommendations, you can make informed pricing and offer decisions to maximize your monetization potential.

The Benefits of the Assetario Monetization Score

But that’s not all the Assetario Monetization Score has to offer. With this tool, you can stay up-to-date on your customers’ monetization potential, even in new markets where data may be limited. And with the technology’s ability to automatically adapt to changes in market conditions, user preferences, and behavior, you can rest assured that your monetization strategy will always be effective and relevant.

Experience the future of monetization strategies with the Assetario Monetization Score - now available to all gaming studios seeking a competitive edge!

If you want to learn more, feel free to reach out directly at or sign up for a demo!